Anne Marie
Lt Col Anne Marie Doering
Women's Auxiliary Army Corps & Women's Army Corps
~ ~
WWII GHQ Southwest Pacific: Australia, New Guinea, Leyte, Luzon, Manila, Occupied Japan, demobilized, returned to Japan worked as civilian

CO First WAC Detachment at Ft Hood

France, COMZ, etc

WAC Center Instructor, several times, length of stay varied

US Army Strategic Intelligence School
Washington DC - Training Officer, 5 yrs

1962 Established Liaison Office, MACV Saigon
62-63 MAAG Tactical Combat Intel, Counterinsurgency
1966 MACV Advisory, Intel & 1968 as civilian

1965 PROVN Study Group, Writer of intelligence portion
Strategic Plans & Policy - ODCSOPS
Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations

Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence
Army Strategic Intelligence, Liaison Officer

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