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The PROVN Report  
As the Vietnam outlook worsened, Army Chief of Staff and member Joint Chiefs of Staff,
Gen. Harold K. Johnson wanted a new approach to the Vietnam War.

In 1965, a special group of ten officers, all former Vietnam advisors,
with particular expertise, were carefully chosen to write it.

Leader: Col. Thomas J. Hanifen, ODCSOPS, Armor
Lt. Col. Charles E Spragins, Infantry
Lt. Col. Donald S Marshall, Civic Affairs
Lt. Col. Harry S. Jackson, Infantry
Lt. Col Harry Emmons, Army Intelligence & Security
Lt. Col. Volney F Warner, Infantry
Lt. Col. Daniel F Schungel, Infantry

>> Maj. Anne Marie Doering, Intelligence, Women’s Army Corps <<
Maj. Arthur E. Brown
, Jr. Infantry
Maj. John D Granger, Military Police Corps

Doering & Emmons studied intelligence gathering, Marshal the US advisory effort in the provinces,
Brown the history of the Vietnamese, Schungle military aspects of the study and Warner developed
a beneficial advisor questionnaire to determine 'leverage'.

After the distribution of PROVN in 1966 it was upgraded from Secret to Top Secret. Distribution outside
the Department of Defense was not authorized. If distribution was made within the DOD by the Joint
Chiefs of Staff it was on a very limited “need-to-know” basis. Army officers & officials were forbidden
to even discuss the existence of the report outside the Pentagon.

The PROVN Report was declassified in 1988.

Executive and Legislative Roles and Relationships, Part IV, July 1965-January 1968,
by William Conrad Gibbons, Washington, D.C. Congressional Research Service.

This entire series is essential.
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PROVN is discussed in many books and articles. PROVN was also noted in 'The Pentagon Papers'.
'The Pentagon Papers'
Declassified in full 2011 available here or National Archives
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