Anne Marie's French Indochina (Vietnam) Childhood

Tombs, Temples, Pagodas and Standard Oil Company in Vietnam to 1935

Anne Marie

Mother, Father and with Erle and Mother
Anne Marie's Vietnam Childhood

Strategic Intelligence Staff
US Army Strategic Intelligence School
Anne Marie Doering, Staff 1957-1962

Col Hoffman
Col. Aldon Hoffman, US Army Attache,
Pilot, Intelligence Officer

Luang Probang
Ambassador Harriman's Pilots &
crew, Luang Probang, Laos
Capt Routen& Family, 1961
Captain Walter Routen and Family


Anne Marie's friend. On the back - Haruyl ?
Vietnamese Women's Army Uniform

Cao Dai
Cao Dai Temple before the War
some tunnels surfaced nearby

1943 Joined
WWII Interview regarding Asia- If this wasn't enough,
1/2 of Anne Marie's family lived in Germany

1962, First WAC and first Nurses

May 1963, One month after she got back

The WAC fought to obtain the right for women to be stationed in Vietnam. Even after a personal request in writing from Westmoreland it took one year. The Pentagon, DOD, Army, etc finally approved WACs for mostly paperwork duties in 1965. (3 years after Anne Marie was stationed in Vietnam for 13 months.)

Notations about Anne Marie as the 'first woman to serve in Vietnam' in 1962 are all over the place. Just do any web search and you will find a handful within the records of the Women's Army Corps alone.

'The first WAC officer was assigned to Vietnam in March 1962. It was not until 1965 that the use of WAC personnel in support elements was considered feasible for Vietnam. It was decided that WACs could make positive contributions, particularly in clerical, secretarial, and administrative MOSs.'
 US Military Web site: US Army Women

In 1965, Army Chief of Staff and Joint Chiefs of Staff member , Gen. Harold K. Johnson assembled a special group of Army Officers, each with particular expertise, to outline and write a military strategy for the Vietnam War. Anne Marie was one of the Officers chosen. She was assigned to write the intelligence portion.

Recently, another officer chosen for this study, now a retired four star General, told me that Anne Marie not only did her job well, she was very beneficial to Donald Marshall who wrote on Civil Affairs. - I asked the General what people thought when this study group of young officers saw that an Old WAC Major was included. He just said, "She was one of us". - I thought that was just really nice and I sure am proud.

Another four star general, also involved with the study, sent me this and it is the funniest thing I have ever seen. If you understand what the authors of the PROVN report had to go through- you will understand the joke.

PROVN was completed in 1966, declassified in 1988. An easy explanation of PROVN is here: To Change a War by Lewis Sorley

The PROVN Report has been studied at War College and incorporated within strategic war plans ever since. One example would be Petraeus's Counterinsurgency Manual used for Iraq.

General Staff     Vietnam Records, 1962-63, 1965, 1966, 1967     MACV

MAAG Vietnam, Combat Intel Staff Officer
30Mar62 (9301) Ch MACV Ln Br Intel USASEC, Counterinsurgency, US Mil Asst Comd (9817) Vietnam, 0, 67-5
11Sep62 (9301) Ch, MACV Ln Br, Intel Div, Counterinsurgency, MAAG (9766) Vietnam, 0, None
01Nov62 (2162) Ch Fld Liaison Br USASEC, MAAG (9787) Vietnam, 0, ( -
18Jan63 (2162) Asst Ch, FldLnBr, USASEC, MAAG (9787) Vietnam, 0, 67-5
01Apr63 (2162) AsstCh, FldLnBr, USASEC,MAAG (9787) Vietnam, 0,None

GSw/Trps (from)16Mar65 SO53P2HQUSAADDENFBT (through) 1Apr66 Par60d(2), AR611-103
(General Staff with Troops)

15Sep65 (2162) Staff O, PROVN Study Group, Strategic Plans & Policy ODCSOPS (8534) Washington, DC

May 1966 BI USAINTC, Top Secret

13Aug66 Vietnam Advisory DA Msg 778004

April 1967 - Anne Marie's record becomes blank this date. She retired this year but, she was seen and spoken to near DaNang by a family member.

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