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New Guinea

WWII, Great description of how the
conditions in New Guinea were overcome
by WAC imagination.


Dr Anita Gelber rescued a WWI POW Pilot
Capt Clymer led 142 New Guinea WAC's
Ruth Draine, Red Cross worker in France

Ft Hood 1950

Ft Hood, Texas, 1950:
First Ft Hood WAC Detachment Established
First Commanding Officer- Capt Anne Marie Doering

1950 Ft Hood
Ft Hood, Texas, 1950
Capt Anne Marie Doering gives WAC guidon
to: Pvt 1st Class Shirley Frank of Cleveland
Lt Marjorie D. Wrightman of Albuquerque

Wedding Singer

Ft Hood 1950
WAC marries a GI on Armistice Day
- Anne Marie Sings

Portsmith Times, 1955 - Maj Hallowell relied on
Maj Doering in France for interpretations. Hallowell
and Doering use visual aids for teaching French.

January 1944

Women found the name distasteful -
Nickname? - it is more like an acronym !

May 15, 1944

First Birthday
70,000 WAC's celebrate the one year mark


France 1955 ~ Anne Marie speaker


Fort McClellan, Alabama - Anniston Star

May 1963
1963 WAC School
Maj. Anne Marie Doering from South Vietnam,
SFC. Vera S. Ruffinfrom Adj. Gen WAC Co. Hawaii,
Capt. Joyce I. Collins former Ft. Gordon WAC CO


Oct 1963
Anne Marie and Kathleen Wilkes

US Association of Geographers Confernece,
Anne Marie and Kathleen Wilkes

Oct 1964
Ladies Talk

Chemical School Officers Wives Club Coffee
Anne Marie's speech - 'How an
Officer's Lady can do her part in Army Life'.


1975 Anne Marie Doering, Speaker


Winnie The WAC cartoon