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Anne Marie was born in Quang Yen, French Indochina (Vietnam) in 1908. Her Father was an officer and engineer with the French Colonial Troops, a forerunner of the Foreign Legion. He passed away when Anne Marie was 4. When Anne Marie was 6 her Mother, Gertrude, a former Dresden German débutante, married B.E. (Erle) Solomon of Texas who worked in Haiphong, Saigon and Hong Kong for Standard Oil Company of New York. Anne Marie attended French Catholic schools in both Haiphong and Saigon before leaving in 1924 at age 14 to live in Texas with her relatives in order to attend American schools. Despite speaking zero English, Anne Marie quickly learned and graduated from Dayton High School in Dayton, Texas in 3 years as Saluatorian. She attended Southwestern University in Georgetown Texas where she graduated with honors in 1931. Erle and Gertrude remained in Indochina until 1934 when Erle retired from Standard Oil. By this time, war loomed in the Far East with Japan taking Manchuria in 1931 and moving south, many oil related territories within China. In Germany, where all of Gertrudes family lived, Hitler had gained power in 1933 and all hell was breaking loose.

Up to and during WWII and continuing through the Vietnam War, to say that Anne Marie was concerned was an understatement. Below you will find some of the good times Anne Marie, Gertrude and Erle had while living in French Indochina or Vietnam.

Military Men
Indochina- 1911 Father &
French Colonial Military

French Military
Another view of
French Colonial Military

Doering Bridge

Anne Marie's Father's
Dam near Hanoi

Baby Anne Marie

Anne Marie, 1908

Anne Marie and Father
Anne Marie and her Father
who died when she was 4.

Anne Marie, Father and Nanny
Rare images of Father.

Porch Group

Gathering of French Friends


Precession of Something

Growing up with Nanny.
Nanny & staff, 7 pictures


Nov 9, 1910

Gertrude and Anne Marie


Erle & Gertrude

Erle and Gertrude


Tea Time, 2 Pictures

House Staff pictures

Children Play

Anne Marie and friend,
2 pictures
Anne Marie
Anne Marie, 2 photographs

Gertrude and Anne Marie

Anne Marie and Gertrude

Tea Party

Tea Party


Anne Marie and her friend
in a small Rickshaw

Gertrude, Piano

Gertrude, Piano, 1921 Saigon

Inside the House
Inside the House

Anne Marie and Nun
Anne Marie and Nun


AM goes to School


Catholic Convent, Church, School
Earl in a Rickshaw
'Papa' in a Rickshaw

Dalat Golf

Dalat Palace Golf Club
near Saigon, local Caddies

Car Boats

One car Ferry, 5 Pictures

Man on a Boat
Man on a Ferry

Beach Friends
Beach, 3 pics


Local Market, 4 Pictures


Near Yen Lap Lake, 1930

Rickshaw Lady

French lady in a Rickshaw
& her formal local attire

Junk Boats

Junk boats in rivers & bay
4 Pictures

Hong Kong

Junk Boats, Hong Kong
2 Pictures
Fishing Nets
Entire Villages bring in nets.
10 Pictures

Tropical Cove

Local boat launch & dock, and
a familiar Vietnam stream

Crop Irrigation
Crop Irrigation, Waterwheel

Car Packed for Touring

Plant Nursery
Gertrude buying seedlings

Hong Kong Sidewalk Shop

Outside a Tea House

Erle, Gertrude, Friend

Junk boats loading a Steamer
Rice, Timber & a Cow

Boats with their nets out

Ship Group

On the River, deck dancing
3 pictures

Card Game

On board Card Game

Boat Chess

Near Long Xuyen, Vietnam, 1924

Inside the Boat
Cruise Boat, Inside & Out,
4 pics, Nov 1930

Erle's fishErle's fish

Erle's Fishing

Erle Fishing Trip

Fishing Results

Fishing, Ha Long

Ha Long Bay Fishing Boat

Boat day trip

Nov. 1, 1930

Boat in the Cove

Ha Long Bay Boat


Cove at Ha Long

Ha Long Bay Fishing

Ha Long Fishing


On board in the cove

Erle with Jack Shannon & Jack Jr.

Picnic & Wine

Ha-Long Cave & Cove
Wine & Picnics, 4 pictures

Boat Attendant

Junks in Cove

Ha Long Cave/Cove

Ha Long from Cave

Inside Cave in Ha Long Bay
Ha Long
Tam Coc and Ha Long Bay

Ha-Long Bay

Inside Cave
Inside Caves w/ Local Friends
Beach near Saigon
Beach near Saigon

Beach Fishing

Beach Fishing, Nov. 1925

Shoreline Vietnam

Beach Houses/Huts, Vietnam

Beach House

Beach House, 1925

Beach House

Beach House

Lounging Beach side

Swimming at the Beach

Beach Road

Walled Road overlooking Beach


Created by Ann Jamison in loving memory of Lt. Col. Anne Marie Doering.