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While stationed in Japan, Anne Marie heard that Empress Nagako liked American cosmetics, especially lipstick. Knowing that the Empress had no real access to these things, Anne Marie bought an assortment and filled a small box. She then instructed a GHQ messenger to deliver the box to the Imperial Palace.

At the Imperial gates, the messenger encountered MP's and Imperial Guards. He explained that he was there to deliver a package to the Empress but the MP's said- "Fat chance". After some conversation, in English, one of the Imperial Guards took the box. There was no way to know what would happen next.

Anne Marie had almost forgotten about it until now an Imperial messenger appeared at GHQ. Here, the man left a package for Anne Marie from Empress Nagako. When Anne Marie opened the package she found inside a beautiful pair of white Ivory doves.

(White doves are the universal symbol of Peace.)

Hirohito Family
Emperor Hirohito and Empress Nagato's Family (1936)
(Library photograph)