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Capt. Doering
Anne Marie Doering

Anne Marie Tokyo GHQ

General Headquarters
Dai Ichi Building

G-2 Dinner and Dance
G-2 Dinner, Dance, Civil
& Counter Intelligence

The gift from gbv
Empress Nagako Story

GHQ Headquarters
General Headquarters,

Prime Minister
Prime Minister helps a
WAC with her camera

Kyoto I Corps
I Corps HQ,
Kyoto, Japan

8th Army PX, Tokyo
Eighth Army PX
on Ginza Street

Ginza Street Crossing

Ginza Street Crossing
by the 8th Army PX

8th Air Force HQ, Tokyo
5th Air Force, Tokyo

Headquarters 8th Army
Pacific Division- Air
Transport Command

US Battle Route to Japan
Air Transport Route- USA
to Japan with SWP stops

British Commonwealth Occupation Force
British Commonwealth
Occupation Forces

Far East Air Force
Far East Air Force HQ

Japanese Diet Building

National Diet of
Japan (Government)

National Building

Tokyo, another PX

I forgot the name
of this building.

Kyoto Hotel
Kyoto Hotel
entrance area

Kyoto Hotel

Kyoto Hotel
Street side

Tokyo - Imperial Traveler Hotel

Imperial Theater
with Stars & Stripes

Ginza Street
along train route

City Bridges View
View of city bridge system

Railway into Tokyo

Tokyo Skyline

Tokyo buildings, some damaged

Only Army vehicles in Japan

Railway into Tokyo
Railway into Tokyo

Street to the Right of the Railway
Tokyo Buildings, Skyline

Bombed, Empty Lot
Cleared city block used
for market and shacks

Tokyo Skyline
Tokyo City Building

Union Jack Club
Union Jack Club

Officers Club
Officers Club

Bridge View Into Tokyo
Tokyo Bridge View

Tokyo Dity Buildings
Tokyo City Buidings

Street View from Building
Street View

View from Above
View of the City
and Streets
Rebuilding in Progress
Woman's Shop
Woman's Shop

Imperial Gates

Imperial Gates

Imperial Entrance
Anne Marie, Joan
Imperial Entrance

Moat View of Tokyo
from old Kyoto, 2 pics

Gate Guard
Guarding an
Imperial Gate

Newman Social Club
The New-Man
Social Club

Salon White Bear
Allied Personnel Beer Hall
Served by English Speaking Girls

Snafu!- a Gen's Jeep, other Jeeps,
and Japanese onlookers

Jeeps parked along streets

Nikko City
Nikko City

Shito Club
Shijo School
(Japanese painting)

Painting small items

Japanese Man Rickshaw Bike
Bike Cab/Messenger
beside 'Electric Car'

Electric Car
In town 'Electric Car'
Off Limits to Occup. Forces!

Electric Car Station
'Electric Car'
Station to Kyoto

Off Limits
Off Limits
to Occupied Forces!

Anne Marie and Off Limits View
Off Limits! WAC's with
Woman in Kimono
Gifu Highway
Gifu Highway

Hill top Unknown Buildging

Hilltop Bomb Proof
Building, 3 pictures


WAC Secretary at work,
GHQ Building

Unknown WAC
WAC Secretary

Near Hotel Osaka, the secretary,
Kimono Japanese lady -2 pics
Marjorie Sturges
Marjorie Sturges

Children Watching
Secretary with
Children Visitors

Army Engineer
Unknown Major
Army Corps of Engineers

3 WAC's Waiting
WAC's smile & wait, Sec
wears Japanese jacket

Dee Lewis and Joan Rutherford
Dee Lewis and Jean Rutherford

Unidentified GI
Unknown GI, roof of the bombproof building
GI in a Rickshaw

Japan Workers
GHQ Japanese
Caligraphers, 2 pics

Shoppers Map, Tokyo
Map Guide (Big) for
Shoppers in Tokyo

8th Army Special Services
8th Army Special
Services, Tour Bus

Kyoto Post Command Bus
Kyoto Post Command
Visitors Bureau Bus

Tokyo Tours
Horse drawn tour
bus, 2 images

Motorized Tour Bus
Alternative fuel source
for a local bus
Hotel Atami Bus
Hotel Atami Bus

Anne Marie
Anne Marie
Nara Shrine

Tori Gates

Meiji Shrine
Torii Gate

Tori Gate View
Torii Gate and
Garden View

Japanese Park Lantern

Shrine Statue
Shrine Statue

Warrior Statue
Japanese Traditional Warrior

Giant Budda
A Japanese Giant

Shrine Statue

Table Top
Office Statue

Locals on a bridge
Locals on a Bridge


Earl and Gertrude Japan
Earl and Gertrude Japan - 1934

Todai-ji Temple Nara, Japan

Anne Marie in a Kimono
Anne Marie in a Kimono

Fuji View Hotel
WACs, Fuji View Hotel

Townsend Harris Marker
Speech Guy,
Townsend Harris Marker

Gyokusen-Ji Temple Marker
1946 and today

Japanese Ladies
Japanese Locals
in Kimonos

An Elder watches
the children , 2 pics.

Gathering Wood
Woman carries bundle
of wood

Woman with Sticks
Woman gathers a
house garden crop

Yo Yo Sticks
Load carring Yo-Yo Sticks

Festival of the Children
Festival of the Children

Japanese Mother

Japanese Mother carries
her child on her back

Precious Child
Child with Doll on
her back, 'onbu'

Woman Sweeping Rubble
A Woman sweeps rubble
with a straw broom

Man, hauling on his back
Man with all
of his belongings

Children Playing
Children play
on a toy scooter

Children in Stoller

Children in Stroller beside
fire bomb damaged pole

School Child
School Kids Lunch
and a big smile

Lunch with Children
WAC's share Lunch
roadside with children

Unknown GI,
Corps of Engineers

Movie Billboard
Japanese Movie

Movie Theater
A WAC Outside a
Japanese Movie Theater

Photographs Made
'Heigh Speed' Portraits
Allied Photograph Services

Family Shopping
Family Shopping

Anne Marie Shopping
Anne Marie Shopping

Anne Marie buys a Fan

Japanese Sign

Hair Salon
'Western Style'
Hair Salon

Salon and Child

Hair Salon,
Japanese Child

WAC's with Japanese Ad
Ad for Japanese


WAC on Jeep
WAC on a Jeep,
Cherry Blossoms

WAC Road Signs
WAC with Ginza Signs

Bridge at Nara
Bridge at Nara

Foot Bridge
Holy Bridge of NikkĊ

Carriage with belongings
Beside burned trees
a crop grows - Tokyo

Growing Rice
Rice growing
in a valley farm

Reinforced Road
Supported Hillside Road

Farm Irrigation System
A Hillside Farms Water
Wheel Irrigation System

Farm House, Japan

Farm House with
a strong stick fence

Village Roof
GI's and WACs,
Roof & a Rice Dryer
WACs on a hillside
WACs on a hillside






WAC on the Grass

Jean on the lawn

Jean, 1st Cav Jeep

WAC hot lunch
WACs making a hot lunch

Anne Marie, Jeep

Anne Marie and Jeep

WACs, Jeep
WACs in a Jeep

WAC Jeep
WAC's take a Break
near Rice Paddies

WAC Jeep
WAC's & GHQ Jeep
Roadside Lunch

WACs, Jeep
WACs with a Jeep

WAC jokes around

Dee Lewis

WACs at Park
WACs at Park

Mt Fuji
Anne Marie at Mt Fuji

Jean Rutherford

Park Bridge
Park Bridge

Ready to Roll
With Jean Rutherford,
Dee Lewis

HOT Lunch
WAC's heat up their
Rations, 4 photos

WAC Campfire
WAC Campfire

Farm house
Farm yard

WACs in Town
WACs in Town

Hot Springs
'Youth Restoring Springs'

Jean Lewis and Dee Rutherford

Beach Near Kamakura, the
ancient capital of Japan

Children at Beach
Children, off
Enoshima Island

Beach view of Enoshima
Fishing Hut & children
off Enoshima Island

Enoshima Torri Gates
Enoshima Street
Bronze Torri Gates

Tokyo Trial Pass
International Military
Tribunal for the Far East

Sugamo Prison
Sugamo Prison for those
on trial for War Crimes

Tokyo Damages

Japan Ship, Bombed
Bombed Ship

Tokyo Damages


Tokyo Damages

Tokyo Damages

Bombed Church

Bombed Church

This book was put out by the Troop Information and Education Section, General Headquarters,
Far East, Japan.

Anything you wanted, or needed, to know about Japan, it's people or it's customs is contained in this booklet.

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