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Tokyo Trial Pass
International Military Tribunal For the Far East,
Tokyo, Japan

ALLIED Temporary Pass
Miss Anne Marie Doering, 3 Sept 1946

Attendance Control Officer: Charles J. Hughes, 1st Lt.
Countersigned: Regina M. Smith, Capt.
The International Military Tribunal For the Far East, or the Tokyo War Crimes Trial, was held between May 3, 1946 and Nov. 12, 1948.

The room was originally a meeting room for students in the Japanese military college. During the war it was taken over by the War
Ministry and after the war the Allies took it over for the War Trials. The area for Japanese spectators is completely filled and they
attend constantly. There are judges from UK, USSR, France, Netherlands, Philippines, China, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.
Some of the defendants were soldiers whose chief prominence was in China and Manchuria in the days before Pearl Harbor. Others
organized secret societies with the motive of overthrowing democratic constitutional government in Japan in preparation for
aggressive war. Some are diplomats, like General Tojo who was Premier of Japan when Pearl Harbor was attacked.

Six Military Police stood behind the defendants and motion picture cameras recorded some of the scenes.

A red light indicated a translation of proceedings is in progress. Court reporters recorded verbatim everything said in court.

Seats were kept for defense council and distinguished guests. Interpreters had sound proof boxes.

A large amount of organization was involved in the trials. Over 600 Allied staff were employed,
and many Japanese. There was a records section, photographic section, public relations staff, a custodians office, and a
section devoted to translation and language difficulties. American Military Police guarded prisoners during the trial.

The prosecution and defense produced evidence ranging over the whole framework of Japanese activities throughout
the Far East over a period of 16 years. The judges estimated the part played by each individual in these events.

Declassified Message: MacArthur to Joint Chiefs of Staff, War Department, Jan. 1946
"[ Hirohito ] indictment will unquestionably cause a tremendous convulsion among
the Japanese people the repercussions of which cannot be over estimated.
He is a symbol which unites all Japanese. Destroy him and the nation will disintegrate."

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Created by Ann Jamison in loving memory of Lt. Col. Anne Marie Doering.